Sheffield Students condemn Donald Trump after petition to ban him from the UK reaches half a million

A nationwide petition to ban presidential candidate, Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom has now reached over half a million signatures.

In a snapshot of opinion students from The University of Sheffield have expressed that although they disagree with his wholesale jerseys China policies, banning him is a tad extreme.

Louis Thomas, 20, said: “Although I don’t agree with his views and I think he’s wrong on a lot of matters, I don’t think that is grounds to bar him from the country personally”

Similar to this Ben Bradshaw, however 20, said: “I don’t agree Nussbrotauftrich with his policies but I don’t see what good it would do to bar him from the UK”


The outstanding reaction from the British public has come after Trump announced that he believes all Muslims should be banned from the U.S.

These controversial comments have outraged many who have likened Trump to Hitler, following the remark that all Muslims currently living in the U.S. should carry a form of identification, similar to how the Jews had to wear the Star of David, in nazi Germany.

Others have taken a stronger view to the petition Liam Smith, 19 said, “I would vote yes” if it came down to national vote.

London is currently the area with the most concentrated number of signatures. This comes after Trump stated that he wouldn’t feel safe in London due to the high volume of Muslims.

As well as the British public, many celebrities have come out in force to condemn Donald Trump. Celebrities including Harrison Ford, Mark Zuckerberg and JK Rowling have all spoken out in disagreement with the politician’s proposed policies.

According to The Telegraph JK Rowling said, “How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad”

It has also been reported that London Mayor, Borris Johnson has said: “The only reason I wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.”

The hashtag #bantrump has also been very popular on social media receiving thousands of retweets and comments.

Others have commented that although spouting hate towards a different race may be bad, cheap jerseys those in support of his ignorance are far worse.

Trump is allegedly due to visit the UK in June 2016 to relaunch his Trump Turnberry has golf course. wholesale jerseys However this may not be possible if the protestors get their cheap jerseys own way.

A committee of MPs will decide next month if a petition calling for a ban should be debated in The House of Commons.

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