Sheffield’s half marathon to take runners on scenic route through Peak District

At the edge of fifty five square miles of rolling hills, a patchwork quilt of brown, green and gold, livestock graze, a stream bubbles and a dry-stone wall leads further cheap nfl jerseys away from the already-distant Strategy whir of traffic and the persistent hum Can of city life.

It is a typical and charming countryside setting – only the thousands of people that experience its beauty next month will not be taking a regular country stroll.
The picturesque scene at cheap mlb jerseys Sheephill Road, on the edge of the city’s Peak District, Yorkshire marks the highest point of this year’s Sheffield half marathon, more than 1,100ft above sea level.
For the first time, the 13.1 mile cyclic marathon, on Sunday April 12, will take runners from the heart of the city centre on Arundel Gate up to the tranquil village of Ringinglow and back down in to Sheffield Town Hall.
[embedit snippet=”map-of-fields-in-sheffield”]
It was the Peak District’s “most spectacular views” that enticed race organisers, Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All to scrap the former route from Don Valley into the city centre, in favour of the challenging hill route.
The not-for-profit organisation formed the new race, The Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon-Sheffield, after the former organisers, Sheffield Half Marathon UK Trust and Sheffield Half Marathon Ltd, stepped down cheap jerseys following the last minute cancellation of last year’s annual race due to a water shortage.
Speaking at the official launch of the new Night event last November, cricketing legend Michael Vaughan OBE, who spent much of his childhood growing up in the city, described the route as “very Sheffield… very hilly”.
That this year’s route showcases the best aspects of (both rural and urban) Sheffield appears to be the general consensus among members of Steel City Riders running club and is a view Fundamental also shared by Councillor Isobel Bowler, cabinet member for culture, sport and leisure at Sheffield City Council.

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