Two new secondary schools to be built in Sheffield after growing demand


By Rory Mitchell @RoryMitchell

Two new secondary schools are set to be built in Sheffield in  order to meet the growing demand for school places within the city.

The plans are to build a new secondary school on the car park area of the Bannerdale site and a through school on the former Pye Bank school site.

A meeting to address the need for extra primary and secondary schools in the North East and South West of Sheffield will be held next week on Wednesday 17th February at the city’s Town Hall.

This was after over 1,400 parents, carers and residents took part in a recent consultation, making it one of the biggest responses the council has ever seen.

“Our vision is to create excellent new local schools that parents want their children to go to,” said Councillor Jackie Drayton. “The population forecasts show if we don’t act now and start building these schools soon, children will be unable to get into local schools as there simply won’t be enough places for everyone.”

“We need more school places in the North East and South West and we will provide them whilst also meeting our other responsibilities for extra housing, maintaining green spaces where possible, also taking into account potential traffic congestion and air pollution,” she added.

An expansion of infant and junior schools on the Ecclesall Infant School site is also planned, whilst Silverdale secondary school will be expanded “in order to meet imminent demand for places in the short term,” according to the council.

If the decision to proceed is granted, the next task for the council is to make sure that outstanding sponsors are secured for the new schools.


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