Sheffield Council moves to avoid Summer Lee Seymour repeat

Flowers are laid out at the scene of the crash in tribute to Summer Lee Seymour
Flowers are laid out at Haymarket, the scene of the crash, in tribute to 15-year-old Summer Lee Seymour


By Lidia Trifonova


A new crossing and set of traffic lights are to be installed at Sheffield’s city centre after a fatal collision in which one teenager was killed and another seriously injured.

15-year-old Summer Lee Seymour died in the crash at Haymarket in December and her boyfriend, 17-year-old Jake Ford, was left fighting for his life in hospital.

The work was approved by Sheffield City Council after a petition started by 28-year-old bus driver Melissa Hewitt reached over 7,850 signatures.

Ms Hewitt said: “I think that in respect of Summer, and for her boyfriend, Sheffield needs to do this to prevent any other lives at risk.”

After gathering so much support, the petition was passed on to the city council for a debate, which took place on February 3.

The councillors all offered their condolences to the families of the teenagers and were unanimously in favour.

The highways committee is currently in charge of handling the idea of installing a new crossing, which will be installed at Haymarket at the junction with Castle Street.

Labour Councillor Alan Law, chair of the Planning and Highways Committee said: “I am not sure a pedestrian crossing would lessen the possibility of accidents such as this one happening in the future.

“Knowing the area I know many pedestrians cross in all variety of places, and I’m personally unsure whether a single crossing point would help.

“However following on from that, I know that the matter is being urgently looked into on a much broader basis to see what real traffic control in the whole area can be installed that will make the area safer.

A concise report will come to Committee, with sound recommendations that can be implemented as soon as possible.”

Labour Councillor Fox, cabinet member for environment and transport, said: “As this country’s fourth largest city, with a corresponding volume of traffic passing through the city, there are obvious issues associated with road safety and the Council has always taken these very seriously.”

While the police investigation is still ongoing, the council will review the lines and road markings in the area to see if there is any way to adjust these to control speed in the area.

Any permanent changes will be made after the investigation has finished.

The petition can be found here:

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