New project sheds light on hidden lives of Sheffield residents

By Lidia Trifonova


A new project started by a group of Sheffield Hallam journalism students is attempting to make the world aware of the diversity of the city and its residents by sharing “stories from the Steel City”.

The ‘Humans of Sheffield’ website was started just over a week ago and the team behind it includes Lucy Wilson, Alana Roberts, Charlotte Wilson, Tom Wood, Tom Brookes, Josh Reaney and Chanell Wallace.

Lucy Wilson said: “Initially it was my idea. We were put into groups and I pitched the idea and everyone loved my concept. The aim of it is to create an online platform telling the stories of people who currently live in Sheffield. It’s a new site, and we aim to develop a range of stories which will interest our readership (people from Sheffield).”

“We all know of ‘Humans of New York’ and that’s the type of theme we’re going for. The type of stories we’re rooting for are from those who have a story to tell, or from those willing to share an engaging experience of occurrences in their life.”

Alana Roberts said: “We’ve all been in Sheffield for a while and realised it was full of a mix of a diverse and amazing range of people some of which would have interesting stories to tell.”

“At the moment we just want to tell the hidden lives of people that live in Sheffield so people can get a glimpse. They’re really fascinating.”

Tom D’Angelí, one of the first people interviewed for the website, described the experience as a positive one.

“With my story being quite hard hitting, I was more than willing to answer some questions and explain it during the interview – it’s a good little way of getting things out in the open.”

“’Humans of Sheffield’ is similar to ‘Humans of New York’ and as I’ve spent a lot of time in the USA, it’s great to see a UK version in my home city.”

When it comes to the future of the project, both Ms Wilson and Ms Roberts have high hopes about popularising it and developing it further.

Ms Roberts said: “We’ve had a massive response from people wanting to get involved and interviewed and we’ve got many more set up and in the pipeline!”

The interviews with local residents can be found on their official social media sites, shared below.

Anyone interested in sharing their story can contact the team either by email or a Tweet.


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