Sheffield’s ‘Human Barbie’ receives negative comments about her appearance

By Stacey Turnbull


A student branded Britain’s first human Barbie has hit back at critics claiming she never meant to promote an unhealthy body image.

Intelligent Hannah Gregory, 22, a Sheffield University under-graduate studying the Korean Studies with Japanese, was splashed across the tabloids and internet last week for her 22 inch waist and doll like image.

Reactions from the public were quite negative, with many cutting comments posted on line.

But today Hannah said: “I always make sure to stress that I’m not perfect and I don’t go to any extreme lengths to make myself appear doll-like.

“I get upset when people think I don’t eat a lot because I think it is so much more important to be healthy and eat well than to have a certain body-type.

“It is just my natural body shape so I would hope that it isn’t having a negative influence on anyone. My interest is simply in the fashion, not my body shape.”

She added that she wants to discourages others who want to intimidate a doll in terms of body proportions, such as Valeria Lukyonova, whose extensive plastic surgery has transformed her into Ukraine’s very own ‘human Barbie’.


Hannah, from Nottinghamshire, said: “I’m really shy but I feel like dressing up makes me feel able to go outside and just not worry so much, because in a way people will look at the clothes rather than at me.

“I was upset at the backlash because it portrayed me as being quite cocky and arrogant, and I’m not that kind of person at all.

“I tried to just ignore it”.

Hannah hasn’t read any of the articles about herself, although she claims she never called herself a human Barbie Doll.

“I would never call myself a human doll or a human Barbie, that’s not what I think.

“I thought I like dressing like this and I feel cute.

“In a way I don’t mind because it’s a complement, it’s a nice thing to be called.”

Hannah, who spent her second year at university studying in Korea, said that other than gaining more followers on Instagram, her day-to-day life hasn’t changed and she is still very much a normal university student.

“I’m still just studying and being a normal student, I still go to the library every day.

“Because I haven’t read anything it hasn’t properly sunk in”.

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