Campaigning soon begins for officer roles at the best Students’ Union in the country

By Ben Court


Nominations are now closed for the eight Sheffield Students’ Union officer roles for the 2016-17 academic year.

Candidates will be publically announced at 10am tomorrow and voting will open on Friday 4 March.

Sheffield Students’ Union has been voted best in the country in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey for the past seven years.

It has also ranked first in the National Student Survey every year since 2012.

Current President, Christy McMorrow, told ShefNews what he thinks the success in down to: “We are well resourced due to a good relationship with the university and a building that makes running services easy.

“We also have a great culture of student activities and activism on campus that’s tangible from the moment you arrive here, and I think that helps.”

There are over 300 clubs and societies at the Students’ Union, providing something for everyone.

The roles up for grabs are President, Education, International Students’, Sports, Activities, SU Developments, Welfare and Women’s officers.

Current Welfare Officer, Gabi Binne, encourages all students to run for an officer role: “You can be anyone in this job and make it suit who you are as long as you are up for a challenge.

“This union inspires people to go beyond their own issue and think about national global issues as well.

“We are the best in the country because we are both original and student led – students come together and create amazing things in such a diverse and inclusive community with so much vibrancy and things going on.”


Binne also feels that it is now more important than ever for the Sheffield Students’ Union to have a strong team of officers.

She said: “We’re in a time where politically things aren’t going well for students and this should inspire activists and campaigners to work harder.

“If you believe in something, do what you can in the university environment – you can rely on the Students’ Union to back this up.

“We’ve now got all of our nominations in – we have a really great selection of people and much more candidates than last year.”

Voting closes on Thursday 10 March with results revealed later that day at Bar One, the student bar inside the union.

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