Ex-soldier dies in hospital just months after brutal attack

By Oliver Kirk @CaptainKirk916

Ex-soldier Tommy Ward has sadly died in hospital five months after being savagely beaten and left for dead in his home.

In early October last year, the 80-year-old was the victim of a brutal home invasion, in which he was beaten and robbed of a lockbox containing £30,000.

Tommy lost a finger in the attack, and he also required reconstructive jaw surgery.

He suffered from serious brain damage from which he never recovered.

A lockbox similar to the one taken was found a short distance from the great-grandfather’s home, and two 19-year-olds were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and burglary.

Both were shortly released without being charged.

A close friend of the Ward family, Ryan Bevan, has offered a £5,000 reward to help bring Tommy’s attackers to the police.

It is unknown whether the death will result in a murder investigation as police are still awaiting the results from the post-mortem.

Detective Chief Inspector Vicky Short said: “The police investigation surrounding what happened is still ongoing and officers would very much like to speak to witnesses, or anyone who has information about what happened.”

Tommy is not the only retiree to have suffered a brutal attack recently.

81-year-old Mushin Ahmed was murdered on his way to prayers last August by Dale Cook and Damien Hunt.

Jones was sentenced to a minimum of 32 years in prison for murder, while Hunt was jailed for 14 years for manslaughter.

We asked people around Sheffield whether or not they still feel safe in their homes following these attacks:

“People need to remember that these attacks are very few and far between. I’ll sleep no worse at night even with this in the news,” David Spooner, 76.

“I lost my dad a few years back, so now my mum is all alone in her house. I’m certainly worried about her. She wouldn’t be able to defend herself at all,” Vic Harper, 43.

“I’m spry for my age, but I’m still worried about people coming into my house to steal from me. As long as the police are as good as they’ve always been I’ll be fine,” Marissa Bird, 69.

“My dad refuses to leave Sheffield, and I’m not always here. Even though he’s not ancient he won’t be able to defend himself in an attack. The police need to help retirees any way they can,” Gillian Stephenson, 32.

“If any thug wants to try and rob me they’ll have to come at me with everything they’ve got. I used to box, you know,” Jared Fields, 67.

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