Fury at fly-tippers rises from residents of Pitsmoor

By Lottie Dean


Pitsmoor residents are sick of the constant messy state of their streets, it was heard at last night’s Cabinet in the Community meeting.

Fly-tippers are targeting Pitsmoor as a spot to illegally dump anything from mattresses to television sets.

Resident Linda Jones of Scott Road, Pitsmoor, insists that she goes out litter picking everyday in an attempt to make the area look more appealing for those that live there.

The 70-year-old said: “I have even found a rat in my cellar, my house isn’t spotless but the rat was due to the litter in the area”. She has noticed that the companies sent out to clean up the streets often leave the bags of rubbish in the bushes, attracting foxes and rats.”

She continued: “I go to church at 10.30am on a Sunday morning and the streets are clear. When I walk back there is stuff everywhere. This seems to be a prime time for tippers in the area.”

Although the council does have a web page where you are able to report cases of fly-tipping, Councillor Terry Fox said: “It is hard to gather enough evidence in order to prosecute the perpetrators”.

Terry assured the residents that there is a zero tolerance policy and when evidence is present they do everything they can to prosecute.

In order to crack down on these fly-tipping trouble makers, fines have been increased in a hope that people will be deterred from dumping their rubbish and angering Pitsmoor residents.

Many at the meeting blamed education for situation; Sheffield Councillor for education, Jackie Drayton, said: “School do their bit to educate children on litter, however I often see parents dropping litter in front of their kids; this is no example to set”.

The situation has been highlighted as an issue over the past few years in Sheffield however it appears to be a continuing issue that residents are desperate to put an end to.

If you notice any sign of fly tipping you can report it at https://service.sheffield.gov.uk/selfservice/L05_Portal.html?formname=PFI_CV3 .

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