Sheffield cultural scene gets over half a million pounds

Sheffield Culture Consortium has been awarded £550,000 after they put in a bid to the Art Council’s ambition for excellence programme, with their ‘Making Ways’ project.

This is a three-year project to develop, demonstrate and celebrate contemporary visual art produced in Sheffield.

It will develop artistic talent and leadership, and create a living economy for the artistic community that will stimulate and support growth.

Rebecca Maddox, officer at the Sheffield Culture Consortium, said: “The ‘Making Ways’ Ambition for Excellence bid is designed to reveal Sheffield as a creative city where artists can thrive.”

“The project will be good for artists, and good for the reputation of the city as a place of authentic, independent creativity.”

Sheffield has designated 2016 as a ‘Year of Making’, to spotlight all that the city makes, from advanced manufacturing to beer, music and art.

‘Making Ways’ enables additional new commissions during the Year of Making and beyond.


The Art Council’s ambition for excellence programme is aimed at stimulating and supporting ambition, talent and excellence across the arts sector in England.

It also contributes to the development of strong cultural places, and helps talent and leadership grow across different art forms.

The fund aims to realize significant impact on the growth of an ambitious international facing art infrastructure, with almost 80% of the money going to projects outside London.

The Sheffield culture consortium is a partnership between Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield Theatre Trust, Museums Sheffield, Site Gallery, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

They hope this will promote Sheffiel’s role in the North both nationally and internationally, and spark collaboration, debate and celebration across Sheffield’s making heritage and tradition.

They also whish to showcase the city as a great place to live, work, study and invest.

Sheffield was one of three successful applicants of the fourth round, together with MK Gallery in Milton Keynes and ‘Artichoke’ in London.

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