“Sheffield’s Trees Safe” nearly at £11,000 target

By Heather Finnamore


The initiative to “Save Sheffield’s Trees” won a big battle at the start of February with a three month injunction, and now has another reason to celebrate raising almost £11,000.

Sheffield’s anti felling organisation is £100 off its target. The initiative allows people to pledge money towards legal costs.

Sheffield has been called the greenest city in the UK, but with 3,000 trees felled across the city, the fight has moved online in a bid to raise money.

The crowdsourcing page has allowed members of the community to pledge money. With nine days left  only £100 is needed to hit the £11,000 target.

At the start of the initiative, “Save Sheffield’s Trees” said: “So many people wanted to donate to support this cause that tech bodies had to stretch the goal”.

Members of the community have become the roots in this fight, allowing the legal battle to go on.

“Many people have been told to be “expecting a drawn out legal process.”

The platform allows the angered community to become active in the fight.

Although many over the past year have taken to the streets at rallies, and even outside their own homes they can now make an impact fighting against the council’s plans.

Liz Carney Woodlands volunteer, an active member in the voice for the charter of trees noted; “people have taken trees into their hearts”


Save Sheffield’s Trees first battle has been won; the three month injunction that has been granted is just the start.

The injunction protects the trees until “proper Environmental Impact Assessment and open and fair consultation has been deliberated on” says the group.

The injunction should protect the felling of trees except in “exceptional circumstances” Sheffield Council said.

For now, the Council is working on the ‘Five Years Street Tree Management Plan’ which shows how 36,000 street trees are managed by the Streets Ahead project.

The announcement has appeared a week after the council said it would cost £26m to save the trees currently due to be axed in the city.

Many campaigners within the online battle are still angered by the council’s plans for Sheffield’s highway trees. They have insisted there are alternatives to removing and replacing trees.

Campaigner Dave Atkin, self-employed, 53 said; “They’ve not come to the end of their natural lives.”

“Most of us, if not all, will not live to see the end of their natural lives.

“Felling will not give us a chance to save them for future generations”.

A full-day event concerning the ‘Five Years Street Tree Management Plan’ is to be held at the Town Hall, Friday, February 26.

Members of the public will be able to view the draft strategy and speak to members of staff between 10am and 7pm.

Councillor Sioned-Mair Richards, cabinet member for neighbourhoods at Sheffield City Council, said; “The council has urged people to come along to discuss future plans, to preserve as much as possible on the 26th February at the town hall”.

Donate here https://www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/sheffield-trees/

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