Shirecliffe residents voice concerns over pollution

By Amelia Eguchi-Wale


Shirecliffe residents said pollution is a serious issue in the area at last night’s Cabinet in the Community meeting.

Resident, Enid Benson said: “Everyone’s concerned for schools that look over the valley.”

She added: “Pollution is even worse in particular for children.”

Although Sheffield is a green city with over two million trees, a city-wide initiative to clean up on pollution is still needed.

Councillor Jackie Drayton, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People & Families, said: “It’s all about education.”

The main sources of air pollution are road traffic, bonfires, factories, restaurants and building sites.

However, Councillor Drayton said: “Air pollution is not just outside, but is also in the house.”

“We need to encourage people to open windows, get young people out and about and use cars less.”

The Green Commission, set up to help turn Sheffield into a more sustainable city, published their final report and recommendations today.

Their main priorities include transforming Sheffield into a learning city and a European green city.

Liz Ballard, Chief Executive Officer of Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust and co-Chair of the Green Commission, added: “Sheffield really can become a more sustainable city, with a better quality of life for all, if we work together to achieve this common goal. And as one of our presenters said – the battle for sustainability will be won or lost in our cities.”

Councillor Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We do take this very seriously.”

“We are looking at low emission areas, and how we can roll these out.”

The full Green Commission Report can be found here, under ‘Sheffield’s Green Commitment’.

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