South Yorkshire firefighters began industrial action yesterday

By Amelia Eguchi-Wale


The South Yorkshire fire fighters began taking continuous industrial action, short strike yesterday as disputes with employers remain unresolved.

This comes after 84% (of who) voted yes in favour of action against cuts to control operator jobs.

Control positions are being cut by a quarter, which means a total of eight jobs will be lost.

Neil Carbutt, FBU Secretary for South Yorkshire, said: “The changes have been imposed on the workforce without negotiation.”

“Continuous action will be in place until there is a resolution.”

Members of the Fire Brigade Union are not only standing against the loss of jobs but also imposed changes over leave and the disregard of dictatorial management.

Mr Carbutt said: “It is regrettable we are in this position.”

“We have exhausted other options.”

Members are failing to abide national policy by refusing to share data the Fire Service require, take part in any fitness tests and undertake any variation to contracted hours of work.

Mr Carbutt said: “It is a path of non-compliance we are taking.”

While there are no demonstrations planned at the moment, he added: “Dispute could actually escalate. This is dependent on response from managers.”

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Fire said: “The changes to Control will not see anyone being made redundant- in fact, we are currently recruiting people into Control to fill vacancies.”

“The number of calls to our control room has fallen significantly in recent years. At the same time, we have had some big reductions to our funding and must look at making changes to all areas of the organisation to help protect the number of fire engines available to respond to 999 calls.”

“Whilst we are disappointed with the decision of the FBU to take industrial action, the public should be reassured that this will have no noticeable effect on the 999 service they receive from us.”

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