‘Into the Woods’ performed at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre

By Jessica Green @6_JessicaGreen and Khaled Hejrej @K_hijris

The Lyceum Theatre hosted an enchanting performance of Stephen Sondheims ‘Into the Woods’, a heart-warming fairytale story with a twist like no other.

The opening night, Tuesday 1 March, saw audiences invited into a world of magic, giants seek revenge, and wolves dirty dance in the woods.

The performance saw well-known fairytale stories revamped into a collective musical, their fates intertwined in the woods.

Performed by The Croft House Theatre Company, the musical was lively and followed the original script, but that isn’t to say the performances were in any way original. Each performer brought a new lease of life to every character.

The witch, played by Mary Kingsnorth , had the audience under her spell with a raspy tone which only enhanced her performance as an old, manipulative witch and overbearing, unpleasant mother to Rapunzel. She earned herself quite a few laughs as she barked orders at the Baker (Jamie Cooke) and his wife (Helen Green), as they embarked on a quest to retrieve a milky-white cow, a slipper as pure as gold, a cloak as red as blood, and hair as gold as corn. She served wonderfully as a comedic antagonist and guide.

The witch played by Mary Kingsnorth

Unlike the movie, which starred Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, the relationship between the wolf (Dale Vaughan) and Little Red Riding Hood (Beth Atkin) was of a more spicier variety.

As the wolf danced his way around Little Red Riding Hood complete with Wolverine styled hair and leather jacket, the audience chuckled at the villain’s unconventional portrayal.

‘Into the woods’, though bold at times, maintained a family friendly air. From the to and fro arguments between Jack and Little Red Riding Hood which most children would recognise, to the romantic conflicts that many adults would appreciate.

The musical will end on Saturday 5 March with an afternoon and then an evening performance. There are still tickets available to see this children friendly show. Tickets are available here.

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