Public to help write council’s plan to protect Sheffield’s trees

Examples of changes to trees in Sheffield

By Emily Hodgson

Sheffield city council has reached out to local residents to plan the future care of over two million trees across Sheffield.

Last Friday, February 26th, members of the public could attend an interactive all day meeting at the town hall where residents were encouraged to read the draft strategy and contribute their own ideas that they felt the council had missed out before the final draft is published.

The Sheffield Trees and Woodlands Strategy  outlines how Sheffield City Council will manage the 5,455-football pitches worth of trees and woodland across the city.

Councillor Sioned-Mair Richards, cabinet member for neighbourhoods at Sheffield City Council, said: “We know that the issue of trees is very important to communities across our city, which is why we’re organising the event in order to share our plans from the earliest possible stage.”

‘We are responsible for over two million of Sheffield’s trees- that’s four for every person – in around 2,000 open spaces across the city. We now want to liaise with members of the public to talk about future plans for trees and woodlands across Sheffield as a whole.”

The strategy intends to outline the values and benefits of trees and woodlands as well as recognising why and how people use the trees.

The finalised Trees and Woodlands strategy should be published by the spring.

The development of the woodlands strategy was sparked after the controversial ‘Streets Ahead’ campaign was put in place.

Streets Ahead aims to invest and upgrade Sheffield’s highways and manage 36,000 street trees.

The finalised trees and woodlands strategy should be published by the spring.

Due to an on-going legal problem between Sheffield City Council and local tree action groups the event prevented the council from discussing street trees.

People write their ideas for the council



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