Regeneration of Park Hill set to enter phase two

By Oliver Kirk @CaptainKirk916

Park Hill, considered by many to be an eyesore and a reminder of a downtrodden housing market, has now entered its second stage of regeneration.

The grade two listed estate, which has been under renovation since 2010, is being regenerated by Urban Splash with the support of multiple architecture companies.

Most recently, London based architecture practice Mikhail Riches has been brought on board to help with the revamping.

One of the architects responsible for the first phase, Christophe Egret of Studio Egret West said on Urban Splash’s website: “Park Hill is a brute of a building! A vision born out of pure optimism and modernist Idealism. Years of neglect and a few wrong turns brought it to the brink of demolition.”

The regeneration of Park Hill has created 260 apartments so far, 85 per cent of which have already been occupied.

Space for 10 businesses and a rolling arts programme has also been completed.

The second phase under the development of Mikhail Riches is set to create 200 more homes as well as 30,000 sq ft of space for more businesses to set up shop.

Phase one of the regeneration has been completed


While the regeneration is creating new living accommodation for those who can afford it, some are sceptical that it is unaffordable for most. We asked Manor Hill residents what their thoughts are:

Carol Smart, 39, said: “Well they can’t demolish it so what can they do? They’re making the most of a bad situation.”

Dave Sterling, 46, said: “It would be so much easier if they just knocked the whole lot down.”

Tara Swan, 25, said: “It’s providing housing and is making Manor look better. What’s not to like?”

Trevor Goodie, 61, said: “As long as that space is used, I don’t care what they do with it.”

Barbara Slack, 71, said: “Affordable housing? I couldn’t afford that in a million years. It’s a load of tosh.”




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