Shaffaq Mohammed selected as Lib Dem candidate for Sheffield by-election

Shaffaq Mohammed teaser


by Harry Hamling


The Liberal Democrats have announced their candidate for the upcoming by-election for the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough seat.

Ecclesall councillor Shaffaq Mohammed has been selected to stand for Liberal Democrats after the death of  Labour MP Harry Harpham on February 4.

Coun Mohammed said: “I have fought for Sheffield to have a liberal voice all my life. Labour has failed the people of Sheffield by being anti business, our city is open for business and welcomes companies who want to invest here.”

Son of a steelworker, Shaffaq knows what it is like growing up in Sheffield, after moving here at the age of four from Kashmir, India.

“I will fight to bring jobs to Sheffield and give people employment opportunities so residents can stay and work in Sheffield.

“I will make the positive case for another liberal voice in Sheffield.”

He said: “My father, a steelworker, was made redundant by the actions of the Thatcher Government.”

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron added: “I am delighted that Shaffaq will be representing the Liberal Democrats in this by election.

“I look forward to an open and positive campaign talking about the issues which really matter to Sheffield.”

Roger Davison, councillor for Ecclesall, Spokesperson for Health, Care & Independent Living, said:  “He is a kind and considerate man that wants to uphold the values of a society that respects everyone that goes about their lives in an honourable way.

“He wants to support business enterprise as well as  sustainable social policies, and his ‘green’ credentials are outstanding. He has battled to save green spaces and the chopping down of healthy trees where the community wants them to remain.”

The Labour party will decide its candidate for the upcoming by-election this evening, with current councillors Gill Furniss and Jayne Dunn running with Dr Jayne Lim to represent Labour.

The by-election does not currently have a confirmed date but it is set to take place sometime in may to coincide with the Sheffield local elections.










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