Shock after mum of three’s body is pulled from house fire in Chesterfield


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A mother of three has died after a blaze in her home in the early hours of this morning.

More than 40 fire-fighters tackled the blaze at 2.05am on Catherine Street.

Deaton Josephs, 53, a neighbour, was the one who raised the alarm.

He said: “I woke up around 2am and heard noises outside and I thought someone was breaking into my van. It was parked directly outside the house, so I looked out my bedroom window and couldn’t see anything.

“Shortly after I heard it again, so I came outside and then saw the flames from the end house. I ran back inside to get my phone and rung for a fire engine. About a quarter of an hour later three engines arrived, and I guessed the woman was still inside the house too as the paramedics and an ambulance turned up after.

“She has three kids but they weren’t home  I woke up the next door neighbours and got them to come outside – as its a terraced road it can spread through so quickly. I also got some of the other neighbours to move the cars up the road a bit as the fire engines couldn’t get through properly. They put it out after about 20 minutes to half an hour but there was still smoke coming out for much longer.”

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