Shef News On Air : 2pm bulletin

This afternoon’s top stories are:

A 220 foot tall carousel is set to hit Sheffield skyline’s in the coming week. The temporary structure, known as the Starflyer, is the tallest transportable city

centre attraction in the UK and is expected to boost city centre tourism. The ride will be open from 10am to 10pm each day and will run from March 18 to

June 5.

A whopping £10000 is being raised to help the homeless in Sheffield by students at Hallam.

The initiative is part of the Events Students final project at Sheffield Hallam University and includes more than ten charity events.

Proceedings are planned to benefit the Cathedral Archer Project in the city center, which offers washing facilities, health support and activities for the homeless to re-structure their lives.

And Sheffield Adventure Film Festival opens this weekend with over a hundred of the world’s best adventure, travel and extreme sport films lined up.

The Festival has been running for the past seven years and aims to showcase films from a variety of categories.

It will also be the last chance to watch BAFTA-nominated film, SHERPA, on a big screen.

The complete list of film sessions are available on

Stay tuned at 3pm for an exclusive interview with the Festival organisers.


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