Shef News On Air : 3pm bulletin

A campaign hopes to launch a Sheffield Pound, which will run alongside sterling.

It’s designed for use in independent stores across Sheffield.

The campaign, which is still in the early stages, says the currency will keep money in Sheffield and encourage people to be proud of the city.

Sheffield midwives have won two of the UK’s top midwifery prizes at the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Annual Award.

The Citywide 1:1 service from Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, won the RCM Award for Excellence in Maternity Care for their Birth Service.

The project aims to ensure better choice for women about how they give birth when their baby is in the breech position.

And it has been discovered that the play Waiting for Godot,  arguably Samuel Beckett’s most famous piece of work, may have seen its first performance in Sheffield’s old YMCA Hall.

The Crucible’s recent hosting of Godot has revealed that the play was performed in Fargate during May 1957, Godot’s first amateur showing.
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