Sheffield is in the pink with week long health festival


by Cristiana Frunza

The University of Sheffield has teamed up with the NHS and Children’s Hospital to celebrate health by organising a week long festival.

Life Festival is inviting people of all ages to take part in activities such as bootcamps, hands-on activities, interactive lab demos, free health checks, theatrical performances, sporting events, film screenings and talks from our researchers on the latest medical discoveries.

Couple of the main attractions of the event are The Bones Tour at the Medical School, the free health body check in the Arts Tower and The Experience of Stroke performance at the Drama Studio.

Participants have the chance to speak to qualified trainers about tips on how to stay fit and ask for advice on living a moderated life.

Activity leader Paul Smith said: “By eating less and exercising more, you will feel and look better and generally live longer.”

All events are free and anyone who wants to take part in the festival can book tickets online at

Main partners include NHS Foundation Trust, The Moor Market and Sheffield City Council.

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