Sheffield sinkhole filled in

The 20 foot deep sinkhole that emerged on a Sheffield road on Sunday has today been fully filled in.

Council staff have worked for three days to fill the gaping hole on Hutcliffe Wood Road in Millhouses, but the road is still not yet completely accessible for drivers.

The sinkhole appeared late on Sunday night, creating huge traffic problems as it forced the busy road to close.

The sinkhole is nowhere to be seen
Construction still takes up over half of the road

Some members of the community in Millhouses believe that the sinkhole emerged due to the collapse of an old mine shaft that was beneath the road.

Sinkholes are becoming more common in Britain and usually appear due to heavy rain. One local man believes the hole was caused by a combination of the mine and weeks of rainfall in the area.

“It’s been raining non-stop it’s been, it’s even raining now look” he said. “I reckon that’s what caused it along with the old mine underneath the road.”

The man described the hole as “massive”, expressing relief that staff “finally filled it in.”

“It’s been here for ages” he said. “I’m glad they’ve finally got this road up and going again because it was a pain. It’s pretty unusual.”

Sandbags and traffic hoardings remain however, as one of half of the road is still blocked off.

Temporary traffic lights are in place to control congestion, but the road is now usable for commuters after more than three days of closures and delays.

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