Sheffield daughter upset at ITV’s dramatisation of mother’s murder


By Cara Stones

A woman from Sheffield has seen her wishes ignored after ITV created a dramatised series based on her mother’s murder. 29-year-old Lauren Bradford is the daughter of Lesley Howell who was killed by her husband and his mistress in 1991.

For almost 20 years police thought that Mrs Howell’s death had been a suicide and it wasn’t until recent years that the whole truth was spilled. Lauren, who lives in the Heeley area of Sheffield is upset as the grief of her mothers murder is effectively being relived. ITV are broadcasting every graphic detail and are even featuring the real names of people involved (including Lauren’s own) on national TV.

Sheffield Heeley MP, Louise Haigh highlighted the matter in the House of Commons. Prime minister, David Cameron is to raise the issue with culture secretary John Whittingdale and has promised it will be investigated.

ITV maintains that they have broken no broadcasting regulations and that the TV series is based on extensive and accurate research.

The first episode of The Secret, starring actor James Nesbitt as Colin Howell, was first aired on 29 April.

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