Last chance to see Infra-idol Assembly

Rhiannon Topham


Today was the last chance to see Steven Claydon’s exhibition Infra-idol Assembly at the Moore Street electricity substation.

The top floor space which housed Claydon’s work has never been used, so the two and a half week exhibition was the first time the public have been allowed access.

Claydon’s exhibition was part of the biennial festival Art Sheffield, which ends this Sunday.

The London-based artist explored our fascination with science with footage samples from IBM’s stop-frame animation A Boy and His Atom. The sound of atoms moving was reverberated from a specially designed plate made from Sheffield steel positioned in the middle of the room.

He says his work challenged the idea of “polar opposites which seem to exist on the same plate, like [the] power station, an incredible thing that services hundreds of thousands of people but is also this bomb basically” as well as the “optimism of the machine age and the possible existential threat that engenders”.

The Grade II listed Moore Street substation was constructed in the 1960’s and is still in use but is rarely opened to the public.

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