Our Cow Molly wins the BBC future food award

By Holly Overton


Our Cow Molly has been named winner of the Future Food Award at this year’s BBC Food and Farming Awards.

The awards recognises cutting-edge innovation and pioneering work that could influence how the UK’s food will be grown, distributed and sold in the future.

The future food award is presented to a company with an ambitious and ground-breaking idea found within the food supply chain; from initiatives by national retailers and major food and drink manufacturers to new models being put into practice by farmers and producers.

Our Cow Molly, a Sheffield-based dairy farm received the award for their innovative relationship with the University of Sheffield.

Working closely with the university to change their buying model, they now supply all university cafes, with the cows grazing just three miles away.

This is the first time that a university has worked directly with the farmer as the supplier and leads the way for other universities to adopt similar models.

The Our Cow Molly dairy farm is one of the last left in Sheffield that process and bottles its own milk.

Eddie Andrew, who runs the farm set up by his grandfather in the 1950s, said Our Cow Molly has found a genuine USP in the freshness of its milk: “The customer is getting super-fresh milk with the time taken to transport from cow to customer reduced to a matter of hours rather than days.”

James Knight, who works at the farm, said: “Farm prices have crashed and lots and lots of farmers are under real pressure. Rather than protesting we are trying to prove that we offer something people are prepared to pay more money for.”

The other finalists for the award were Grow Up Urban Farms, an aquaponics star-up based in East London, and McDonald’s, which was nominated for its work with beef farmers on carbon reduction and supply chain optimisation.

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