Artists reveal studios in Sheffield’s Open Up event

By Andrew Martin

Artist’s studios across Sheffield and South Yorkshire have opened up their doors to the public as part of the final days of the Open Up 2016 event.

The event took place on 30th April, 1st and 2nd May and ending this weekend. 

The Open Up event was originally set up in 1998 as a way for artists to show “their skills and share their creative disciplines with members of the public”, according to the event’s website.

An Open Up event has taken place every year since it’s creation, aside from 2002.

The Art House, off Devonshire Street, Sheffield, was one of the studios taking part in the event. It featured several artist’s work and artists creating new works.

“My work feels like I’ve given birth to lots of children and for people to see them all together is amazing, but leaving them overnight is really strange” said Ali Kitley-Jones, art therapist, artist and development manager for The Art House.

“It gives you a connection to the wider community, but also gives you a opportunity to talk to be able about what you do and why you do it.

“I think the art scene in Sheffield is always developing and I think it always will be. I feel really privileged to be a part of it.

“People are really interested and people have come along and contributed.”

In recent years, Open Up has been the largest open art studios event outside the capital. It is estimated that over 100 artists take part each year and volunteer to get involved with the wider community.

“I feel it’s quite a good event for artist to showcase their work and to be part of the art community” said Angie Hardwick, a ceramic artist showcasing her work at The Art House.

“I think it gives people the opportunity to see how an artist works, their studio space and where they work and the process of their thinking and see a range of different artworks that they have been producing.”

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