24 Hour Lecture Marathon

The 24 hour inspire lecture marathon was back for its fourth year raising money for charity in memory of former Sheffield University teacher Tim Richardson, who died of cancer back in 2013.

The event which was held over the 12-13 May was made up of 48 back to back lectures given by world leading academics tackling some of life’s biggest questions spanning different disciplines including linguistics, physics, engineering, medicine, to biblical studies and ethics in engineering.

24 hour inspire is hosted by the charity Inspiration for Life, and celebrates the lives of Dr Tim Richardson and Dr Victoria Henshaw who also worked at the University of Sheffield but sadly died of cancer. This year’s event was in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust and Impact Young Heroes.

Dr Richardson who set up the Inspiration for Life charity back in 2013, was an outstanding scientist who taught physics at the university for over 20 years teaching hundreds of students.

Catherine Annabel, Chair of the board for trustees of inspiration for life, said: “in 2011 Tim did a solo 24 hour lecture marathon for Children in need so it was obvious that we would use that format to celebrate everything he achieved.”

She added: “It’s been such a great success, over the years the charity has raised over £20,000 so we feel we are doing something that is really valuable in terms of fundraising but it is also a celebration of the university and the great teaching research and inspirational communicators we have here.

“It is just a really enjoyable event that people are really excited to take part in as speakers or volunteers, listeners or in any capacity”.

Some of the most intriguing lectures that happened at this year’s event included: Unmaking a murderer, Sex: can it help fight cancer, Wookies can be Jedi masters too and My favourite fireballs, and how to make them. Over the course of the 24 hours the lecture theatre was filled with hundreds of people and was even visited by local primary schools for a lecture on sound.

The event will look to return in 2017 for what will be its fifth anniversary commemorating Tim Richardson’s life.

To donate to Inspiration for life visit https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/inspirationforlife

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