VIDEO: Lord Mayor thanks volunteers for their hard work on ‘Environment Weeks’ exhibition

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By Lottie Dean @lot_995

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield opened an exciting exhibition over the weekend in aid of Sheffield’s ‘Environment Weeks’ programme.

The exhibition took place in the Mayor’s own neighbourhood of Burngreave at the cemetery and focused on the ‘flora and fauna’ of the cemetery grounds. Flora refers to plant life and fauna to life of animals.

It included carefully crafted displays and a guided walk with interactive elements to help people identify plants and animals as they strolled the grounds.

Different areas of the exhibition focused on bee and butterfly life as well as the many varieties of trees situated in the acres around the chapel.

His Worship took in all the day had to offer and took the time to look at displays produced by Firs Hill primary school.

‘Friends of Burngreave Cemetery’ are the dedicated bunch of volunteers who helped to put together the exhibition and run the cemetery day-to-day.

One of the members and organisers, Christine Steers, 74, said that the day was about using the outside space of the cemetery, as it hadn’t focused in any of her exhibitions for a number of years.

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Talib Hussain highlighted the importance of the volunteers work in the local community saying: “It’s all down to the contribution of the workers, we really appreciate what they do here.”

As a big supporter of the group he was keen for them to display the history of the chapel and cemetery during the guided tour around the grounds.

Burngreave cemetery has exhibitions three or four times a year and as well as being apart of Environment week they are always keen to raise funds to improve the chapel and the cemetery grounds.

They are currently looking to improve the toilet facilities and replace the outdated clock on the front of the chapel. Events like the environmental exhibit help to raise funds to complete these tasks.

Stephen Cooke, a member of the ‘Friends of Burngreave’ group said: “We wanted to keep the ecology of the place going” as it is now over 150 years old.

‘Environmental Weeks’ is a Sheffield wide program running until 5th June with events happening almost daily. The next event is an ‘organic growing session’ at Heeley City Farm tomorrow.

Organiser Christine Steers explained more about the day and the cemetery.

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