New mountain bike track opens in ‘Outdoor City’ of Sheffield

By Ayah Aboryah Mokhalalati @ayahmuk

A new mountain bike dual slalom track has opened to the public at Parkwood Spring this week.

The dual track is the first inner city trail of its kind in the UK and the latest mountain bike trail to be  opened to the public in Sheffield. It allows two riders to race side by side down two almost identical trails at the same time.

Jon Dallow, Sheffield City Council‘s Woodlands Officer said: “People in Sheffield have so much energy and passion for our city and you can really see that when you look at how many people have got behind and are proud to call Sheffield, The Outdoor City.”

The new track is part of the ‘making tracks’ project which is a partnership between Sheffield City Council, the Sheffield mountain bike community, and Sport England to develop the mountain bike infrastructure scene in Sheffield.

Steve Peat, Sheffield’s own mountain bike legend, said: “Sheffield has such a good scene going right now and thanks to Jon Dallow for pushing it along. There are good times ahead at Parkwood and the rest of Sheffield.”



The new track was built by Biketrack, Sheffield’s own trail building company, who also built the trains in Lady Cannings and Grenoside Woods.

When asked about how the new trail affects her training, mountain bike rider Caroline Hobson said: “It’s really good practicing your bike control so instead of using your pedals, you can just use your body weight which really helps you when you go mountain biking.”

Parkwood became a popular destination for students and local mountain bike riders and businesses, when it first opened its 2km single track in 2012.


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