VIDEO: Live music at Leopold

By Liam Boreham

A summer of live exciting music events in Leopold Square began on Sunday.

The square in the city centre will play host to free entertainment every weekend throughout the coming summer months.

Event organizer for Leopold Square Ryan Taylor said that the venue will provide some fantastic performances and encouraged the people of Sheffield to come along.

Ryan said: “We’ve got live music here on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the whole of summer from 2 till 4.

“What we’re trying to do is recreate that continental European square in the sunshine and when it’s sunny there’s nowhere quite like it to be frank.

“The remit for us is Sundays jazz blues hip hop and soul and on Saturdays we do more pop and folk music.

“We’re fortunate enough to have secured tramlines, so we are doing a full weekend event for tramlines.

“We’ve also just started this year happy hours on Fridays 5 till 78 where we have all sorts of acts from duos right the way through to Sheffield philharmonic choir.”

Singer Nicola Farnon launched the scheme on Sunday performing a wide range of jazz and blues to a impressed live crowd in the sunshine.

Farnon feels that as a venue Leopold Square provides the ideal backdrop for a summer of music in Sheffield:

“This is good, this is better than good and it’s amazing that everybody’s come out, I love playing gigs in Sheffield!”

“You could be in any European city and it’s simply fantastic!”

Watch highlights from Nicola Farnon’s performance on Sunday below.

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