VIDEO: Local comedy group provide safe space for LGBT community

By Rhiannon Topham

A Sheffield improv group are hosting monthly comedy evenings to provide a safe and accessible space for women and LGBT people.

Held at the Rutland Arms pub on Brown Street, last night was the fourth ‘Sweet FA’ comedy event organised by improv club Faffing About, and the theme was ‘I Love Sheffield in the Springtime’.

It featured improv from members of Faffing About and local group Trouble Salad, musical and sketch comedy, short films, and stand-up comic Scott Liversidge, who act included material about his life as a transvestite.

Speaking after the event, Chella Quint of Faffing About said: “Sweet FA is a very clean comedy night, but it’s a comedy night where it’s a pick and mix of comedy delights.”

“I wanted to encourage people who are underrepresented in improv to do more improv, and more improv groups in Sheffield to share stage space together.”

“Improv is something that people are highly trained in and can hone as a skill, and then use that skill on stage or on television, or just at work and in general life.”

“A lot of the best American and Canadian comedy actors start at Second City Improv in Toronto, and it’s not quite at that level here, because for a long time there wasn’t a lot of live improv – except now there is.”

“You do get audience members who really want to mess with you and test your limits but we want Sweet FA to be relaxed and inclusive, and to feel more like a big living room or a really tiny theatre.”

Faffing About have planned several more Sweet FA events throughout the year and hope to encourage improv groups in other cities to put on similar events.


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