Norton Green housing development raises concerns for traffic and schooling

By Joseph Norton

Concerns regarding school places and increases in traffic have been raised following the Norton Green development by Miller Homes ahead of tomorrow’s decision on the housing proposals in Mosborough.

Local residents and councillors have expressed concern over the impact the Norton Green development on Matthew lane, Norton is having on key services in the area.

These concerns come a day before tomorrow’s planning and highways council meeting where a decision will be made on the planned proposals for 150 new houses to be built in Mosborough by private developers Miller Homes.

The Norton Green development involves 52, three, four and five bedroom homes being built on the site of the old Oaks Park School with work starting last April and remaining ongoing.

Local resident, Kelvin Thorpe, 31 said: “Although there is always a need for more housing I think this area is in need of more smaller, semi-detached houses rather than big five bedroom houses. I have also noticed an increase in traffic in the area from when I first arrived and obviously I have concerns about the impact this development could have on school places for my child.”

Councillor for Graves Park, Ian Auckland, said: “It is good that we have been able to use the former school site for the development rather than a green belt site and there is certainly a demand for more housing in the area.”

Mr Auckland, added: “I think the development has had a positive impact on local businesses including the shopping centre, however, services such as public transport and school places have been affected, with some local children being displaced.”

Despite these problems, spokesperson for Miller Holmes, Helen Dilon-Pearson said: “I believe the development has been a success and has largely been welcomed by residents who acknowledge there is a need for more houses. We haven’t had to make any real changes to the area either which has been good.”

These revelations will raise further concerns for residents in Mosborough as to the potential impact the housing proposals could have on the local area should they be approved.

Counc for Mosborough, David Barker said: “Issues such as traffic and the impact on local amenities such as GP’s and schools should be taken account of in the planning process.”

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