Hundreds sign a petition for school crossing in Sheffield

By Lidia Bell

A petition for a new school crossing on Hangingwater Road has now gained more than 500 signatures.

The petition, started in April 2016, proposed there needs to be a new footpath and crossing put on the junction of Hangingwater Road to allow school children to walk safely from Fulwood Road to High Storrs School.

The same petition also asked for traffic calming measures and a safety crossing after an 11 year old girl was seriously injured trying to cross the junction on Whiteley Wood Road on her way to school in December last year.

Sheffield City Council has already refused to put a school Crossing Patroller at the site saying that the road was ‘too dangerous’.

Sue Leach, 63, a resident on Hangingwater Road, said: “When the poor girl was injured, I was thinking at the time that there needed to be a crossing not just there, but on Hangingwater Road as well. You worry about the children, I mean it’s terrible for anyone to cross up there.”

The traffic lights work on a constant three-way flow system which means that as one flow of traffic is on green, the other two will be on red and then the lights switch.

This doesn’t allow any time between cars for pedestrians to cross the road safely, and the traffic coming from Fulwood Road is busier during school hours.

Mrs Leach also said: “There aren’t any gaps between cars because the traffic lights are always letting some through, and you’re waiting ages to cross. We need a crossing as soon as possible.”

The petition closes on 7th June this year.

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