Spearmint Rhino has its license renewed despite strong opposition

By Ethan Weatherby

Despite the objections of the Women’s Equality Party, Sheffield Hallam University and other groups, the gentleman’s club was given approval for the renewal of its sexual entertainment license by Sheffield City Council.

The opposition to the renewal had focused upon its position next to ‘Gate of the City’ and Sheffield Hallam’s Student Union.

The licensing had received 71 written objections, including Sheffield Labour MP Paul Blomfield.

Vice-president John Specht and Sheffield manager Pete Mercer, both present at the meeting, declined to comment to Shef News.

Charlotte Mead, Sheffield branch leader for the Women’s Equality Party said: “To be perfectly honest I think it’s an absolute joke. The council has completely ignored its own policy.”

“The Women’s Equality Sheffield branch will be continuing with this… the Spearmint Rhino people have just gone off to the station to go back to London, we’re here to stay.”

The Sheffield branch of Spearmint Rhino has been in operation on Brown Street for 14 years, and has faced similar opposition in the past when attaining the same license.

Members of public were asked their thoughts on Spearmint Rhino.

Alice Roman, Showroom Projectionist said: “I don’t think that it should be shut down because it will put people out of work for no reason. If there are any issues with how people are treated then it should be shut down.”

Chris Ganz, Hallam student of Planning and Development said: “It shouldn’t be shut down. People have to make a living and the guy who owns it needs to make money as well. They should go in and see what’s going on rather than just closing it down.”

Kurtis Ray, Hallam student of Maths said: “They’re stupid and should be shut down. If you really need to take part in that then you’re weird.”


See what local Sheffield residents have to say about the decision here: https://youtu.be/gofwHicAtko


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