The University of Sheffield show support for Mental Health Awareness week

By Carman Leung

The Student’s Union at the University of Sheffield is holding an exhibition of mental health services tomorrow between 10am to 3pm, providing more mental health service information to students and academic staff.

In response to Mental Health Awareness week, the University of Sheffield and the Student Union are collaborating with Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust to host a health and well- being exhibition at the gallery space at the University of Sheffield Student’s Union.

Gabi Binnie, the welfare officer of the Student’s union, said people should talk more about mental health issues both within the university environment and outside the city community as more people who are struggling with mental health issues can get more help.

The exhibition targets both students and academic staff at the University, supporting their mental health. In an attempt to link up mental health services better, the information session introduces staff and students some of the professional bodies that work around mental health  and people can be aware of these.

Attendees can get free goodies, learn about different services and make people aware what’s going on around the city in relations to mental health services.

Gabi highlighted the importance of providing a wide range of mental health services due to her personal experience on suffering from anxiety in her second year in University. She felt better after being consulted into a 9-week treatment of telephone consultation provided by Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust.

Gabi said, “It really help me learn that I cannot work 14 hours a day that would break my mental health and I realise that will do nothing good for me.”

Though she is still struggling sometimes, she manages to know what she needs to do while dealing with her stress. “I am really luckily as I did get service quickly and if I had not, it would probably ruin my exams and I would probably have to retake my year.”

Mental Health Awareness week commences today from 16 – 22 May, with an advocacy of building a better quality of our relationships.

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