University of Sheffield students left feeling uneasy after break-ins at Endcliffe student village

By Lilian Young

Endcliffe residents have questioned the safety of the University of Sheffield accommodation after three locked flats in Froggatt were broken into in daylight last Tuesday.

A girl in flat F5 said that she walked into her room and saw the man standing there. She then alerted the university security. It is thought that the man did not steal anything.

Claire Linden who lives in one of the flats that was broken into said: “The man had somehow got a key that opens all the front doors in the block. Once he got in he went into my flatmates room asking for a girl then ran out. Apparently he asked different things to the girls he spoke to in the other flats.”

“Security had no idea how he got in and they tried to blame it on us at first so they weren’t very helpful or nice. We’ve had our locks changed which made us feel better but it’s still worrying that security has no clue.”

Hayley Everett, 19, who lives in Froggatt said: “The break-ins have made me feel less safe because the flats were supposedly locked, so what is to stop the same thing happening again?”

“Also it is unclear what the motives were which makes me feel uneasy as well. I think the university should put out an appeal to the public to try to find him and publish a description on what he looked like.”

Ethan Weatherby, 20, who lives in Froggatt flats said: “It’s always worrying to think about people being about to get into where you live, but if the flats were locked then I’m not sure what security could do to make things safer.”

Students living in Endcliffe Village first heard of the break-ins after a girl from Froggatt posted about it on a University of Sheffield Facebook group.

Tasha Coleman, 19, who lives in Endcliffe Village said: “The incidents made me question how safe we are here, I’d never had any doubts about the village being unsafe until now but this has shown just how easily someone can get in, even through a locked door.”

“I feel that the university could have actually told us about the event rather than it being circulated through students and social media as it would have been nice to have some reassurance that it was a one off.”

University securities have advised students to keep all doors locked and keep on guard.


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