Could Meadowhall £300m plan threaten Centertainment ? We ask you

 By Renisa Kanadia

Ambitious new plans for Meadowhall have been slammed by their neighbours Centertainment who claim their  £300 million new leisure complex isn’t needed.

The project would be the biggest investment in the Sheffield shopping complex since it opened 26 years ago and create 1000 jobs.

The plan includes a number of new restaurants, a state-of-the-art cinema to replace the existing cinema in the Oasis Dining Quarter, a new café court, gym, and other leisure space that could be used to offer everything from ten-pin bowling to indoor golf.

However this could be detrimental to Valley Centretainment Leisure Park.

It is home to several restaurants, bars, a cinema, and a bowling alley as well as other attractions.

Rady Gheorges, 31, assistant manager at Coast to Coast in Centretainment said “It is a bad idea in my opinion and Valley Centertainment will be dead if Meadowhall decide to go ahead with this plan. There isn’t the demand.”

Mother of two Rochelle Stewart , 37 added: “Well I come to Centertainment Valley with the kids quite a lot,  Obviously you got the cinema and bowling which is good, so I don’t really see the point another complex like this being built at Meadowhall. I think having too many things close to each other seems a bit pointless”.

But Alex Garcia, 28, waitress at Nandos restaurant at Valley Centertainment Leisure Park said “It just depends what Meadowhall decide to build there, for example I don’t come here very often anyways but when I do, the cinema here is stupidly expensive, so if Meadowhall build a cinema and restaurants that are cheaper, than maybe it will benefit people”.

Darren Pearce, Meadowhall Centre Director, said: “This is a very exciting era for Meadowhall. The proposed Leisure Hall is designed to give our shoppers ever more choice and variety. We hope that many will share their views and thoughts during the public consultation in June, ahead of the planning application, enabling us to maintain Meadowhall as Yorkshire’s premier shopping and leisure destination.”

And Charles Maudsley, Head of Retail and Leisure for British Land, added: “We are continuing to drive Meadowhall’s evolution to ensure it remains an outstanding place for modern consumer lifestyles. This significant step change in the scheme’s leisure provision will contribute to Sheffield’s continuation as a driving force behind the Northern Powerhouse. This is a very exciting time and we look forward to working with Sheffield City Council to help ensure Sheffield’s future success.”




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