Exhibition by Sheffield postgraduate students aims to increase diversity in the Devonshire Quarter


Postgraduate students studying MA Urban Design have displayed their ideas on how to make a less isolated city centre.

The exhibition is a joint venture by The Sheffield School of Architecture (SSOA) and Sheffield Community Land Trust.

And the main focus of the proposals is the fact they are community-led.
The proposal named ‘A Walk in the Future’ is based around an eight part plan to regenerate the area on the south east of the Devonshire Quarter in the west of the city.

This area is largely residential and the industries that do exist are traditional.

Part one of the proposal involves forming a new diverse community by holding events and gathering people together.

This is then followed by gathering funding from a variety of sources which may include the English Heritage and the Sheffield Heritage Fund.

The methods for acquiring the funding involve issuing proposals, having an interactive exhibition and the hope is to then establish a partnership.

Another key part of the plan is to target specific buildings, such as Taylor’s Eye Witness Works on Milton Street, which are in need of regeneration.
To achieve this, the project will be designed by the SSOA before feedback is given and the plan is upgrad ed.

A mix of community space, commercial space and flexible space is the desired outcome.

Public activities and a business plan are other key areas of the ideas.

Affordable housing with public spaces around them designed by the SSOA will be able to attract a mix of residents it is hoped.

Other proposals across the city include bringing more community-led housing to Wicker and a ‘live and work’ scheme to deal with empty vacant spaces in Fargate.



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