Ribbons add colour to mental health awareness

By Naomi Alao

Colourful ribbons have been tied outside a Sheffield church as a way of showing support for people suffering from mental health difficulties.

St Mark’s Parish Church, on Glossop Road, has introduced a ‘Tie a Ribbon’ scheme as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Associate Vicar, Reverend Sarah Colver, said: “Mental illness is something that can affect anybody at any time in their lives. It is shame that there has to be mental health awareness week in that it would be good that hopefully one day they wouldn’t need to be one in the sense that people will be able to feel supported if they had a mental health issue.”
Michelle Grand is the manager of the Mind mental health charity on Division Street in Sheffield, and she said there is not enough public awareness of the issues surrounding mental health.
She added people generally have a stigmatised perception of people with mental health issues, and tend to “stay away from them.”

Lindsay Dole-Price from Mind was at the University of Sheffield’s student union was raising awareness of the services that they provide in Sheffield for people who are suffering for mental illness. She said the mental awareness week was a good way to focus people’s attention on and a “good opportunity to spread the word.”


Lindsay Dole-Price
Lindsay Dole-Price

She advised that individuals can tackle subtle mental illness like depression, and she added: “I think if you have got any concerns always talk to a doctor.”
Angela Statler, 40, from Durham is the community and equalities coordinator for the Time To Change campaign. She said that a lot of times dealing with mental health problems in their early stages can aid improvement and reduce the possibilities of relapse.
Further information surrounding mental health can be found online at Mind, Time To Change and Rethink mental illness online and social media platforms.


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