Demand to remove “crude” signs from Grade 2 listed building

By Daniela Velkova

The manager of a Chinese restaurant was left outraged after Sheffield City Council forced them to remove “crude” signs from the building.

Noodle Inn Centro, located on 15 Westfield Terrace, will have to remove the advertisement of their menu from the 19th century brick building after the council voted anonymously on 17 May.

In a recent enforcement report the signs have been described by the council as “crude” and were not in keeping with the character of the building.

Sally Li, 34, manager of Noodle Inn Centro, said: “I don’t think that it is fair just because it’s an old red brick building. It’s ridiculous as there is a restaurant right next door with even more signs. Why isn’t the council forcing them to remove theirs?”

The Planning and Highways Committee received a complaint on 20 January 2016 and has been corresponding with the owners ever since but agreement has not been reached yet.

The owners of Noodle Inn Centro have not responded to the last letter and the “bulky” designs are still attached.

Miss Li said: “We would remove the signs if the council were able to give us a good reason.”

The council has pledged to support the restaurant in designing more suitable signs for the historical character of the property.

15 Westfield Terrace is a Grade 2 listed building and permission is needed to carry out developments of the sort.

It is an offence to work on a listed building according to Section 9 of the Planning Act 1990.

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