Lord Mayor announces charities after being sworn in

By Josie Le Vay

The new Lord Mayor of the City of Sheffield was sworn in today and has announced the four charities she will be supporting.

Coun Denise Fox, who has been a Labour councillor for Birley since 2005, and is the wife of Coun Terry Fox, has taken over from Talib Hussain as Lord Mayor, making her the 17th female Lord Mayor for Sheffield.
Speaking at the Mayor Making ceremony this morning, the newly-elected Lord Mayor first announced her support for St Luke’s Hospice, with which she has a personal connection as it cared for her mother, who suffered from cancer.
The other three charities the Lord Mayor will be supporting are: Sparkle, a charity which supports children with autism and their families; Support Dogs, which trains dogs for people with epilepsy and other disorders; and ABF, a national charity which was first established in 1994 and supports injured soldiers, another issue close to the Lord Mayor as her son is in the RAF and her father fought in World War II.
Newly-elected Labour councillor Lisa Banes, for Manor Castle Ward, said: “Denise is a fantastic down-to-earth person and will make an outstanding Lord Mayor for the city.”
Coun Alan Law, for Firth Park, who was elected yesterday as the Lord Mayor for Stocksbridge, spoke about his experience of being the Lord Mayor of Sheffield between 2010-2011. He said: “Being a Lord Mayor is a brilliant thing to do. I am glad I did it and I met some wonderful people.”
The Lord Mayor is always the Deputy Lord Mayor from the previous year. This year, a Green councillor was due to be elected as the Deputy Lord Mayor for 2016/2017. However, they lost their seat to Labour in May’s council elections.
Councillor Anne Murphy, a Labour Co-operative councillor for Crookes and Crosspool, has been elected as Deputy Lord Mayor.

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