‘Man of Steel’ is set to boost local economy

By Vicki Mok
A new representative landmark will be brought to South Yorkshire hoping to boost up the local economy.
The Yorkshire Man of Steel will be a 32 metre tall stainless steel sculpture and will be located 100ft above the M1, looking down the overview of Rotherham.
The sculpture was created by the former steel worker Steve Mehdi who turned into a sculptor as a celebration of the people who used to work in the industry and cool mining.
The figure will be made fully from stainless steel to represent the development of the rust-free metal by a local steel magnate Harry Brearley.
It will sit on top of a coal-black column, showcasing the region’s historic contribution to the industrial evolution. An observation deck will be included in the column allowing visitors to view the city over the Don Valley towards Sheffield.
The figure is predicted to contribute as much as £9 million per year to the local economy and as an attraction for more visitors, according to the independent report by Sheffield Business School.
The Heart of Steel will be a stainless sculpture of two and a half tonne with a height of 2.5 metres inside the Man of Steel. With a minimum donation of £20, donors can have the name of loved one or someone you know carved on to it.
The figure is expected to be finished either by the end of this year or early in 2017 with an estimated investment of £4.2 million.

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