Sheffield University offers multicultural cuisine during festival

By Khaled Hejres @k_hijris

Sheffield’s status as a multicultural city is often reaffirmed by the presence of many different types of cuisine around the city.

From French to Italian, from Chinese to Japanese, from Indian to Middle Eastern – there is always something new for the people of Sheffield to try.

The World Food Festival at the Student’s Union offered almost all of these in one venue.

The festival was a largely student-organised event which took place at the Octagon, with various different university societies showing up on the day in order to share their respective cuisines. It featured six societies on Saturday, and hosted another six on Sunday.

As well as allowing guests a chance to try different dishes from around the globe, musical performances, an EU stall, and a henna stall were also available for guests to experience.

Benny Smith, and Saylee Jangam are both events officers for the ISC (International Students’ Committee). They have been involved with the ISC for almost a year, with the World Food Festival being their last event of the year.

The ISC took on a great responsibility as they organised the event around healthy and safety regulations, and set up numerous different types of entertainment to make the festival more upbeat.

Ms. Jangam said: “This particular event we have been working on for almost a month now.”

It had taken many months of planning in order to make the event possible.

Noor Al Watani, 20, an IT and Business student and member of the Arab Society, said: “We prepared for four hours on the day before the event, and came in at 9 am until 1 pm, so that’s 8 hours in total.”

Ms. Al Watani had prepared tabouleh – a Middle Eastern salad, and marinated rice with bread for the event. Also catered to the guests were chilli crabs, noodles, and pastries from countries such as Singapore, China and Romania.

The festival’s Facebook event page showed that 413 people had attended the event whilst another 394 were interested in attending.

Lisa Hall, 25, the events coordinator at the Sheffield Student’s Union said: “This is the second year we have done it in this format, and I think it is better because people can try more food, and the prices are similar across all stalls.”

Many health and safety regulations were put into motion in order to guarantee that everyone who went had a good time.


‘What would you say to someone who has never been to this event?’
Benny Smith and Saylee Jangam said:

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