Sheffield Woman Jailed for Over Four Years for Terrorism Offences

A Sheffield woman has been jailed for 4 and a half years for terrorism offences Sheffield crown court heard today.

Zafreem Kahdam, 32 was sentenced for posting over 20000 tweets over a five week period ending in March 2015 that supported ISIS and other terrorist ideals. In one of which she tweeted: “IS aren’t doing anything wrong. I will support them as much as I can.” Her twitter account “@PrincessISback5” has since been suspended and can no longer be accessed.

Further tweets encouraged people to kill and commit terrorist acts and greatly glorified terrorism.

Kahdam claimed that she was only posting the tweets for research purposes however Judge Julian Goose QC rejected this defence. He said: “It is particularly shocking that you made such images your favourites and made your profile open to the internet to see.

Crown Court Resized

The investigation was carried out by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit and was supported by South Yorkshire police. Detective Superintendent Clive Wain who lead the operation said: “Today’s verdict I hope sends out a strong message that actions such as those carried out by Khadam will not be tolerated and ourselves, together with policing colleagues and other partner agencies, will bring those who are breaking the law to justice.”

Police were also concerned that if unemployed Kahdam was not arrested she would have flown out to Syria to Join ISIS.

If you see any extremist or terrorist material on social media you can report it here at


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