Manor Top does have its good points too

By Georgie Darling

Despite its bad press, Manor Top does have its good points too.

The ward, slightly east of Sheffield City Centre, is somewhat renowned for its high crime rate and constant police presence.

Over the years it has been given various negative names, including ‘the worst estate in Britain’ and ‘one of Britain’s worst no go estates’.

Even recently, it’s been featured online highlighting how some residents have been driven to sleeping pills to combat their fear of the area.

With crime rates one of the highest in the city, and 3,528 ASBOs issued in 11 months, it is obvious why it attracts so much negative attention.

Chief Inspector Lewis said: “I’m responsible geographically – on a day-to-day basis it’s my staff that patrol the area. My officers will be in the area every day. Clearly we have to utilize the available facilities but we don’t specifically treat the manor estate any different to other areas.”

He continued: “Over the last few years crime has actually been falling. In relation to burglaries and car crime, numbers have been falling compared to a peak about three years ago.

Crime has fallen significantly over the last few years on the Manor Estate, when these sorts of crime were very high.”

Regardless of all this, the ward has a few benefits.

Although the city itself is inexpensive to live in compared to other regions in the UK, this particular patch is especially economical with monthly rents averaging around £430.

Alongside this, the ward will be home to Everyone’s Festival this summer, which will take place in Manor Fields Park on August 13.

The festival will aim to improve inclusiveness in the area and focuses on local volunteers to provide entertainment throughout the day.

Richard Ibbotson, event organizer, said: “Manor was chosen as the Manor Fields Park is a great central location for all the community stuff that’s been happening over the last few years.

It’s got great transport links, it’s easily walkable for a large number of people and it’s a really nice community park.

We’re sure it will have a positive effect on the area. Some of the press really show the area in a negative light, and sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than people give it credit.

Manor Fields Park is also home to annual firework displays and a bonfire, as well as a park run and a weekly children’s club.

Local resident, Jim Calder, explained why he has no plans to move anytime soon: “All places have their good and bad parts, and Manor is no different. I don’t mind it myself, I will admit there are a lot of police cars here a lot, but we have a good community. If people see something going on then they’ll try and do something about it. People do look out for each other round here.”

Photo credit:  Andy2Boyz

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