International Sheffield students concerned about the EU referendum

by Cristiana Frunza @cristianafrunza

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Sheffield Students’ Union

On Thursday, 23rd of June people will vote whether they want Britain to remain or leave the European Union.

By leaving the UK, Britain will regain full control of its borders and will no longer allow foreigners to come here to work or study.

If decided that Britain should leave the EU, this will be one of the main consequences affecting international students.

For Sheffield students this is an aspect they seem to be concerned about. Over 5000 foreigners come to the city every year to study.

The University of Sheffield seems to be promoting its students and their interest in the referendum.

Several events have been organised and hosted by the University such as lectures and workshops.

According to the University’s website 76% of the students are on the electoral roll due to the University’s nationally-recognised scheme.

In 2015 Prime Minister David Cameron promised to hold a referendum if he won the general elections.

Among the supporters of the referendum are the UK Independence Party and several Labour MPs, encouraging the idea of leaving EU.

Prime Minister David Cameron expressed his wish for UK to stay in EU, as well as the Lib Dems and some external forces like President Barack Obama and countries like France and Germany.

For more information about vote registering students can access the University of Sheffield website.

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