Sheffield charity runs anti-SATS test sessions

By Jessica Green

A local charity working with children across Sheffield is running sessions to combat stress caused by government SAT tests.

The theatre company, A Mind Apart, runs anti-SATs sessions as part of their after school clubs.

The classes aim to help children cope by concentrating on the performing arts.

a mind apart

It comes after over 30,000 people signed a petition to boycott primary school SATs tests on the website 38 Degrees.

The Let Our Kids Be Kids campaign also called for parents to keep children off school at the time of their exams.

Natasha McGowan, the project manager for A Mind Apart said: “I don’t think the SATs are for the children.”

She added that SATs cause a mental strain on children and don’t benefit them.

A survey from TES, Mumsnet and First News, showed that 89% of teachers interviewed wanted SATs scrapped with 69% of parents agreeing.

Yet over half of the children interviewed wanted to keep SATs.

When asked about the survey, Ms McGowan said: “In schools SATs feel like a rite of passage, it’s all kids know.”

She added children wouldn’t realise that they are disadvantaged by the possible stress caused by the exams.

The Government have said they will continue to test children using SATs.


Click below to watch more of Natasha McGowan’s interview with ShefNews.

To find out more about A Mind Apart check out their YouTube channel or visit their website.

Alternatively you can reach them through their Facebook page.

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