Meadowhall expansion faces controversy from local businesses

By Alice Lancaster

A £300million expansion of Sheffield’s Meadowhall is soon to be underway, and is due to create over 1000 jobs for locals.

At a massive 330,000sq ft, the expansion will include a range of dining and entertainment facilities, and will even contain a bowling alley and new cinema.

The expansion has been brought about by Meadowhall’s 25th birthday, in which local government decided that it needed a revamp to satisfy the ever-growing city and its residents.

For many, this is an opportunity for new work, or new leisure activities.

Mum of two, Amy Diamond, who lives in Hillsborough said: “I think that this will be a great for when me and my kids don’t know what to do on the weekend. I always go to Meadowhall, its right around the corner and will be something new. I don’t see what could be bad about it.”

She added: “I don’t see the new expansion taking anyone away from the town centre, so many people already go to Meadowhall and the city centre doesn’t seem to be suffering.”

Despite this project being a positive thing for many, others disagree that this is a positive expansion, as it may take business away from the smaller businesses within the city centre and surrounding areas.

Hayley Todd, a politics student from the University of Sheffield said: “I love going into the little shops around the city centre, so if they were to shut down because of Meadowhall then that would be a shame.”

The council however say that there is enough business in the city to keep both Meadowhall and smaller businesses running comfortably.

The expansion will hopefully be finished by the end of 2017 if all goes according to plan.

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