Petition to change ‘worst crossing in Sheffield’ hits 700 signatures

By Carolina Kyllmann

A petition to make “worst crossing” in Sheffield safer has been started after a 12- year-old girl who was seriously injured crossing this junction on her way to school last December.

The petition to implement road safety measures across the junction of Hangingwater Road and Whiteley Wood Road has reached almost 700 signatures in less than a week.

You can find the petition here.

The footpath leading to Whiteley Wood Road ends abruptly and pedestrians are forced to cross directly into the middle of a three-way junction.


More than a hundred children cross this road on a daily basis as they make their way from Nether Green to High Storrs School.

The council has admitted that the lack of footpath and crossings on this junction is really dangerous and refused to put a school crossing patrol person there because it is not safe.

Daniel Lewis, 32, who frequents the route, said: “This crossing is the worst I know. It is just so badly planned.”

Gillian Flint, 48, who walks this way almost every day, said: “This crossing is nothing but terrible! I get nervous every time I get to this point, I can’t imagine what it must be like for school children.”

Following complaints, the council has now extended the Greystones 20mph zone to cover Hangingwater Road and have gotten the road on the speed indicator device rotation.

An increase of 30 minutes street lighting at the start and end of each day during winter months has also been implemented.

Councillor Cliff Woodward, representing the Fulwood area, said “We strongly feel that the only long term solution that will have major benefits is for the pedestrian crossing point to be moved from the road junction near a sharp bend.

“To do that means extending footpaths on one side of the road or other. We are supporting residents in pressing for this.”





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