Residents’ growing fear over Shiregreen crime increase

By Ollie Kirk

A swathe of muggings has swept over Shiregreen, leaving elderly residents fearing for the safety of themselves and their money.

The crime spree, which started at the beginning of the year, has now seen eight robberies and nine thefts, with each victim being a woman aged between 50 and 90.

The muggings have taken place on Sicey Avenue, Bellhouse Road and Hatfield House Lane. The most recent attack involved an 81-year- old woman being knocked to the ground and robbed in broad daylight.

Bellhouse Road 一 Most of the muggings took place on this road.
Bellhouse Road 一 Most of the muggings took place on this road.

Some residents say that they are ‘afraid to leave their houses’ because of the attacks, and some have claimed that the area is ‘out of control’.

Wendy Skelton, a 72-year- old resident of the area said: “I’ve lived here my entire life, in fact my old school is just down the road, and it’s a shame to see what this area has become.

There are gangs all over the place and I can’t go out at night on my own anymore.”

South Yorkshire Police have stated that the descriptions given have varied from person to person,

and they are unsure whether it is one single offender or a group working together.

img bellhouse 2

The consistent features given to the police are that the offender is tall, wearing dark clothes and

aged between 14 years old to 20. The ethnicity also varies from witness to witness.

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